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Tangkoko Nature Reserve Tour Sulawesi

Tangkoko Nature Reserve

We visit Batu Putih for Tangkoko Nature Reserve. Tarsiers (Tarsius Spectrum) and Black Crested Macaque (Macaca Nigra) are endemic primates that have become prima donnas of the nature reserve. It is because they are easy to find.

Rate STARTS FROM USD 60 per Pax

Bunaken Island Tour

Bunaken Reef

Ever fancy yourself being a mermaid? Being able to swim along with other creatures of the sea , moving to the rhythm of the waves? In the Bunaken Marine Park, you will encounter a real “mermaid”, and you can also get a glimpse of sea life here.

Rate Starts From USD 95 per Pax | BOOK HERE

Travel Sulawesi: Trekking Mount Mahawu

Mt. Mahawu Farmland

Travel Sulawesi when visit Indonesia to see natural beauty of the region. Mount Mahawu is volcano in Tomohon. Together with Mount Lokon adorn the town. Travel Sulawesi for Wonderful Indonesia.

Rate starts from USD 65 Per Person | BOOK HERE

Nature Reserve Explorer

Tangkoko Nature Reserve, Nantu Forest

National Park are Nature Reserve in North Sulawesi. Also several places host wild lives like Nature Reserve like one.

Rate starts from US$ 777 Per Person

North Sulawesi Tour: Grace of Minahasa

North Sulawesi Tour

Land of Minahasa has contrasting charm and uniqueness compared to other places in Indonesia. Located in the northern peninsula of the island, Minahasa is a hilly and mountainous terrain and that is very fertile.


Land of Waving Coconut Charms

north sulawesi tour

The land of waving coconut stores various interesting and unique attractions. Presenting the beauty and charm from the northern part of the island, the coconut land. Discover the endemic floras and faunas, historical sites such as waruga the ancient tombs, the harbor city where the name of waving palm started and many more.

Fare Starts From : USD 175 per Pax

Bunaken National Park Tour

Bunaken National Park

Bunaken Marine Park Tour To Bunaken Island, Tour Manado, Seeing Tarsius, Black Crested Macaque, Snorkeling Tour in Bunaken also Diving Bunaken Marine Park.

Fare Starts From : USD 240 / Pax

Hunting Rat | Local Experience

Hunting Rats

Hunting Rat Tour with Flowers Lane Vacation for Discover Sulawesi. Hunting Rat is what local people do for living and fun. Enjoy the adventure with us!

Rate US$ 85 Per Person

Travel Bitung Tomohon By Bus

Terminal BitungTravel Bitung Tomohon By Bus is for backpacker. It promises local experience. It is somewhat easy to do. From Bitung to Tomohon, there are many public buses and cars. Maybe the only thing you need to notice is the time you start. There are two options to travel for Bitung Tomohon by bus. They are via Manado and Tondano. The routes split in Airmadidi. As for me, I prefer via Tondano than Manado. It’s just because of the temperature reason. Tondano is cooler than Manado. It means that I don’t have to spend anymore time under the killing temperature.

Travel Bitung Tomohon By Bus

To start travel Bitung Tomohon by bus, you have to know your position. For tourists there are several tourism destination. They are Lembeh Island, Bitung City and Tangkoko Nature Reserve. Let’s say you are in Tangkoko Nature Reserve. The thing you need to do is coming up to the Girian. It is the first stop. Get a microlet there. Mikrolet is blue mini van. It is public transport everywhere in North Sulawesi. Go to Terminal Tangkoko. Don’t be confuse. Both the nature reserve and bus station have similar name but they are different destination. There you can choose which way to go. From Tangkoko Nature Reserve to Girian it costs Rp. 10.000 (more or less) and from Girian to Terminal Tangkoko Rp. 4,000-

Let’s say you start from Lembeh Island by public boat. Usually the boat harbors in a place called Ruko. You need a microlet to Terminal Tangkoko as well. It costs you Rp. 3.000,- Then from there you can choose which way to go. The same thing also if you stay downtown. You need to find microlet to Terminal Tangkoko.

[tab name=”Via Manado”]

From Terminal Tangkoko, the bus go directly to Manado. It takes 1.5 hours driving. It also costs Rp. 9,000 per seat. If you take the air conditioned one, you are going to pay more about Rp. 10.000 per seat. If you have big luggage, you can pay another seat for your luggage. You will seat very comfortable. The bus stops at Terminal Paal Dua. From Terminal Paal Dua, you can find another mikrolet to Terminal Karombasan. Usually it is easy to recognize. Every microlet has number in front of the dashboard. Just bellow the front glass, you can see the number. Make sure you take a microlet number 17. It will bring you directly to Terminal Karombasan. Normally it costs Rp. 3.000 per seat.  The other way to notice the right mikrolet is by the destination board on top of the car. It says “Paal 2 – Karombasan“. There is also a small piece of board saying the same. In fact it’s pretty easy to notice.

When you arrive in Terminal Karombasan, go inside. There you will hear people call for passenger by saying the destination name. In this case you will notice a  man call for Tomohon. Being tourist, you will not be lost. The caller usually ask you directly where you heading. Get in the bus and wait until it fill up. Note: Please tell the caller where you will stop. Or, you can also stop in Terminal Beriman Tomohon. It cost Rp. 7.000 per seat. It will bring you directly to Tomohon. You can choose whether to stop at Terminal Tomohon or your destination. For Tourist, normally stop in Kinilow for Highland Resort and SpaOnong Palace, and Kakaskasen for Lokon Boutique ResortGardenia Country InnVolcano ResortHappy Flowers Resort. [/tab] [tab name=”Via Tondano”]

Fron Terminal Tangkoko, the bus go directly to Tondano. It takes more or less the same time to Manado. It costs Rp. 10.000 per seat. If you have big luggage, you can pay another seat for your luggage. You will seat very comfortable. The bus will stop at Terminal Tondano. From there, you can look for a mikrolet to Tomohon. There are plenty of them. This mikrolet will bring you directly to Terminal Beriman Tomohon. It costs Rp. 5.000 per seat. From the terminal, you can find a mikrolet to the last destination.[/tab] [tab name=”Mikrolet Destination”]

Mikrolet Destination in Tomohon and Price

Destination Price Per Seat To Be Found
Terminal Beriman – Kinilow Rp. 3.000 Highland Resort and Spa, Onong Palace,  Police Office
Terminal Beriman – Kakaskasen Rp. 3.000 Gardenia Country Inn, Volcano Resort, Happy Flowers Resort, Pagoda, Jalan Salib Mahawu, Police Office
Terminal Beriman – UNSRIT Rp. 3.000 Gardenia Country Inn, Volcano Resort,  Happy Flowers, Pagoda
Terminal Beriman – Kamasi Rp. 3.000
Terminal Beriman – Kaaten Rp. 3.000 Palm Wood Furniture (BLPT), UNIMA
Terminal Beriman – POLRES Rp. 3,000 Police Office (Police Base)
Terminal Beriman – Kampus ITM Rp. 3,000 Institut Teknologi Minaesa (ITM)
Terminal Beriman – Uluindano Rp. 3,000 Police Office (South Tomohon)
Term. Beriman – Tumatangtang Rp. 3,000
Term. Beriman – Kampung Jawa Rp. 3, 000
Term. Beriman – PERUM Atas Rp. 3,000
Terminal Beriman – Woloan Rp. 3,350 Knockdown House Production, Nimawanua Woloan
Terminal Beriman – Wailan Rp. 3,400
Terminal Beriman – Kayawu Rp. 4,150 Watu Sumanti, Rice Field, Japanese Caves
Terminal Beriman – Tinoor Rp. 4,250 Tinoor Waterfall
Terminal Beriman – Tara-tara Rp. 4,250
Terminal Beriman – Rurukan Rp. 4,450 Mount Mahawu, Mount Masarang, Temboan Hill
Term. Beriman – Kumelembuai Rp. 4,550 Tintingon Hill
Terminal Beriman – Pinaras  Rp. 4,550 Tumimperas Waterfall
Terminal Beriman – Tondangow Rp. 4,450 Geothermal Power Plant
Terminal Beriman- Lahendong  Rp. 4,150 Linow Lake
Term. Beriman – Pangolombian Rp. 4,350
Terminal Beriman – Tondano Rp. 5,000 Tondano Lake, To Bitung, To Airmadidi
[/tab] [end_tabset]
Travel Bitung Tomohon By Bus

Terminal Tangkoko Bitung

Bird Watching in Sulawesi

Bird Watching

Birds to Be Seen in this Bird Watching Trip are Rufus Bellied Eagle; Brown Cuckoo Dove; Mountain White Eye; Dark Fronted White Eye; Scarlet Honey-eater (SE); Crimson Crowned Flowerpecker (SE); Sulawesi Spotted Goshawk (SE); Sulawesi Serpent Eagle (SE); Bay Coucal (SE); Yellow Bellied Malkoha (SE); Superb Fruit Dove (WE); Citrine Flycatcher; Streaky Headed White Eye (SE); Grey Sided Flowerpecker (SE). They are just the example out of many


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