Dolphin Watching

Dolphins are friendly animal in the sea. They are well known to be friends of fishermen and other people who appear to be on the sea. These mammals are easily visible on the sea because they jump out of the water. Dolphins like to play with wave. They are also social animal, meaning that they live in group. From afar people can see them playing.

This tour only takes several hours on the open sea. But, the experience from it is beyond everything. You can be very close to these friendly animals in their habitat. What will we do when doing this tour is to observe them very closely and take as many picture as we can. Dolphins swim very fast, and unfortunately we cannot swim together with them when they swim about 20 km per hour.

Some sea mammals, however, are possible to be approached and even swim together with them. Let say the pilot whale, whale shark and dugongs (mermaid). They swim slowly and what we can do is do not scare them when entering the water. Then we can start swimming together with them. Dugong has other case, we need to do diving to be able to see them. As a bonus for us if we are lucky, we could meet some turtles several spots near the reef. They swim freely and beautifully in the sea. When they need air, they will just come out and breath.

So if you like this kind of tour, check our packages!
You will not regret doing this tour.

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by Nature Lover on
Great Activity During My Job

This is the best tour I have ever done during my visit to North Sulawesi. I didn't expect that the tour would be this amazing. First, we intended to see the dolphins, but we couldn't find them. Instead, we met the sleeping whales. Slowly we got closer until we were closer enough to swim with them.
Thanks Flowers Lane.

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