Minahasa Vacation in North Sulawesi

Minahasa Vacation of seven days of tour with real exciting and interesting activities. MInahasa Vacation combines trips to Bunaken National Park, tasting local food, sightseeing, real fun with pottery making at pottery village, crater rim walking on an active volcano and more and more interesting activities you can create on your own for your real vacation. Minahasa vacation feature fun and flexibility in your holiiday.


Real Minahasan Clothing

Kawanua is a term used by Minahasan people to address people from their neighborhood. However the term has become a special way to address people from North Sulawesi. With Minahasa Vacation, you are to experience a warm welcome from the local people in your holiday. Part of the tour makes you feel that you had lived here in the past. You will simply feel at home when you are here.

MINAHASA VACATION: Boat Tour in Bunaken National Park

Coming to North Sulawesi seems to be incomplete without visiting Bunaken National Park. Therefore, Minahasa Vacation bring you here. The National Park is on the northwest side of Manado and marked by a perfectly cone-shaped volcanic island. Bunaken is an island in the National Park also. It is the most favorite tourist destination. It hosts marine lives such as dashing coral reef, school of fish, sea mammals and turtles. In Minahasa Vacation, you visit the National Park on a day boat trip. This boat tour utilizes catamaran with glass bottomed box in it. The glass bottomed box serves as an underwater vision equipment. Most of the tourists, though, complete their visits with either snorkeling or diving.


Pulutan is a village in Minahasa where 90% of the villagers work as potter. Jars and vases produced in Pulutan are quiet famous on the province. Even so, you can bring home one or two nice products from this village. The potter has developed their production into nice product about a decade ago. They have applied proper technology on the production. However, some of the tools and old techniques are still preserved. On the day of Real Fun with Clay, you are going to visit this village. In the village you will have the opportunity to experience yourself on how to create nice jar or plate or whatever comes into mind. You also have the chance to talk with the expert and learn the techniques they apply in this handicraft. Another fun thing also is that you are able to finish one or two products with a personal touch. You can color or paint it as you wish. Your handwork can be brought home as souvenir. The day completes by visiting Lake Linow. Lake Linow is the changing color lake in south Tomohon. You can spend the day by relaxing and watching the nature phenomenon.

Easy Trekking

There are three volcanoes area in Minahasa Highlands. Mt. Lokon in the west of Tomohon, Mt. Soputan in the south and Mt. Mahawu in the east of Tomohon as well serve as vent of the past super volcano that had created Caldera Tondano. Mt. Mahawu is the destination for easy trekking. The road is good. Dashing view befriend the trekking. There are several stops for eye pleasing and camera time. Beautiful farmland view welcomes you at the entrance. Nice volcano breeze and contrasting color of the countryside will definitely spoil your eye. Together in the Trekking day is visiting Volcano center, Temboan Hill and Tumimperas waterfall. Kakasksen Volcano Observatory (KKVO) is a small building in Kakaskasen where information of the volcanoes in the region is stored. Visiting this volcano center will give you understanding of the activity of the volcanoes. Also, you can see the eruption history of several volcanoes. Temboan hill locates in Rurukan. From here you can have nice view to Tondano and farmland around it. Tumimperas waterfall locates in Pinaras, South Tomohon. This waterfall locates in a real secluded area but has it has wonderful scenery as well as an interesting legend.

Minahasa Highlands

In Minahasa vacation, you will visit the highlands. Minahasa highland is well known to its beautiful scenery. Bukit Doa Mahawu in Tomohon serves as Christian sites. Built to commemorate the love of God, the park stores bronze statues of the Passion of Christ. There are Grotto of Mother Mary, Amphitheater and Mother Mary Chapel to polish up the park. Being on the hill, this park is also the best place to see the valley below. Close to the park is a Painting Gallery storing many artworks. These artworks have both artistic and traditional value. It is worth a visit. The Three Teaching Temple is another beautiful park not to be missed. The existence of the temple demonstrates that difference is a bridge for colorful life. Waruga Nimawanua is next destination. Waruga is megalith building in Minahasa land. Pre-fab house production is also still in Woloan, another destination. Then in the row is Tondano Lake, Cultural Center, Batu Pinabetengan and then to Toraget Hot Spring. You can swim in one of the pool.

Spicy Dish: Real Minahasan Food

Indonesian culinary is well known with its spiciness. Among Indonesian cooking, Minahasan or Manado Cooking is one of the spiciest or not, the spiciest. The spicy taste mostly comes from the using of plenty of chilly. But, there are several spices that create hot sensation too. Ginger, galangal, nutmeg and clove are the other source of hotness. The dish can be spicy, but it is undeniably delicious. In this Minahasa Vacation, you will visit the traditional market to buy the ingredients and seasoning by yourself. And, this culinary excursion will be host by a local family. Together with this family you will do the hands-on food preparation. and, following are several choices of food

  • Nasi Jaha – Ginger rice: Glutinous rice mixed with herbs, ginger and coconut milk and cooked inside bamboo
  • Pangi – sliced young leaves of Pangium tree, mixed with pork fat (or chicken) and cooked inside bamboo
  • Tinorangsak – Pork with herbs, chilly and spices cooked inside bamboo too
  • Woku Daong – Fish with herbs, chilly and spices cooked in leave
  • Brenebon – Red bean soup

Per request, you can also prepare some extreme food such as from snake, dog, bat and rat. Not only the main course, you are also going to prepare some dessert as well. These foods will be served on Farewell Dinner.


  • Bunaken National Park
  • Minahasa: Tondano Lake, Cultural Center, Toraget Hot Spring, Batu Pinabetengan, Pulutan Village
  • Tomohon: Bukit Doa Mahawu, Painting Gallery, Tri Dharma Temple, Waruga Nimawanua, Pre-Fab House Production, Mt. Mahawu, Lake Linow, Tomohon Traditional Market
  • Resort And Breakfast
  • Entrance Fees
  • All Meals And Snacks
  • Full Air conditioned Car
  • Chartered Longboat, Catamaran or Speed boat
  • Guide
  • Travel Insurance
  • Tour As Per Itinerary


  • Snorkeling Gears
  • Underwater Camera
  • Extra drinks
  • Diving Package
  • Subsea Ticket
  • Personal Needs
  • Souvenir
  • Tips
  • Sam Ratulangi International Airport
  • Hotel and Resort
Day 1     ARRIVAL
00.00         Tour Start
00.00-00.00   Airport Meeting
00.00-00.00   Drive to Local Restaurant
00.00-00.00   Lunch
00.00-00.00   Check In Hotel
00.00-00.00   Free Time
18.00-18.30   Dinner Preparation
18.30-20.00   Dinner
20.00         Free Time
NOTE:       Free time can be utilized to see the sunset on the Manado Bay, sightseeing at downtown, etc
06.30-07.30  Breakfast
07.30-09.00  Personal Time | check out
07.45-08.00  Drive to Harbor
08.00-09.00  Boat Trip to Bunaken Island
09.00-11.30  Snorkeling at Turtle City / Discovery Diving
11.30-12.00  Prepare for Lunch
12.00-14.00  Lunch Break
14.00-16.00  Reef Snorkeling
16.00-17.00  Return to Manado
17.00-18.30  Transfer to Tomohon, check in a resort
18.30-20.00  Dinner
20.00        Free Time
07.30-08.30   Breakfast
08.30-09.00   Personal Time / Preparation
09.00-10.30   Drive to Pulutan Village
10.30-12.00   Hands-on Jar Making
12.00-13.00   Lunch Break
13.00-14.30   Finishing session
14.30-15.30   Drive to Linow Lake via Geothermal
15.30-16.30   Relax in Linow Lake
16.30-17.00   Return to resort
17.00-18.30   Free Time
18.30-20.00   Dinner
20.00         Free Time
07.30-08.30  Breakfast
08.30-09.00  Personal Time and Tour Preparation
09.00-09.30  Drive to Mt. Mahawu
09.30-11.00  Trekking at Mt. Mahawu
11.00-11.15  Drive to Temboan Hill
11.15-12.30  Relaxing in Temboan Hill
12.30-13.30  Late Lunch Break
13.30-14.00  Drive to Pinaras
14.00-15.00  Tumimperas Waterfall
15.00-15.30  Drive to KKVO
15.30-16.00  Observing volcano activities
16.00-16.30  Return to resort
16.30-18.00  Free Time
18.30-20.00  Dinner
20.00        Personal Time
07.00-07.45   Breakfast
07.45-08.00   Personal Time
08.00-08.15   Drive to Bukit Doa Mahawu
08.15-09.15   Morning Walk on Bukit Doa
09.15-09.30   Drive to Painting Gallery
09.30-10.00   Admiring Paintings at the gallery
10.00-10.05   Drive to Pagoda
10.05-10.30   Sightseeing at Pagoda
10.30-10.45   Drive to Woloan
10.45-11.15   Sightseeing at Waruga Nimawanua
11.15-11.45   Sightseeing at Pre-Fab House Production
11.45-12.15   Drive to Tondano Lake
12.15-13.00   Lunch Break
13.00-13.30   Drive to Tompaso
13.30-14.15   Sightseeing in Batu Pinabentengan
14.15-14.45   Drive to Cultural Center
14.45-15.45   Sightseeing in Cultural Center
15.45-16.15   Drive to Toraget
16.15-16.45   Swimming or Sightseeing at the Hot Spring
16.45-17.45   Return to resort
17.45-18.30   Personal Time
18.30-20.00   Dinner
20.00         Free Time
07.00-07.45  Breakfast
07.45-08.00  Personal Time | Preparation
08.00-08.15  Visit local family
08.15-08.45  Getting Acquaintance and discussion
08.45-09.00  Drive to Traditional Market
09.00-10.00  Shopping at the market
10.00-12.30  Hands-on Food Preparation
12.30-13.30  Lunch Break
13.30-16.30  Hands-on Dinner Cooking
16.30-16.45  Return to resort
16.45-18.15  Free time
18.15-18.30  Return to local house
18.30-21.00  Farewell Dinner
21.00        Free Time
08.00-09.00  Breakfast
09.00-09.30  Check Out
09.30-12.00  Transfer to the Airport
12.00        Tour Finish

Minahasa vacation

Rate starts from: US$ 645 Per Person


Bunaken-National-Marine-Park-in-Manado.jpg Snorkeling in Manado.jpgBukit Doa Mahawu.jpg Gunung Mahawu.jpg Photoing in Mahawu Crater.jpg chapels.jpgToraget (1).jpg
Pulutan Minahasa (2).JPG

We reserve the right in the event of bad weather to change the program without notice

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