About Shared Tour

Shared TourWe created Shared Tour to accommodate frugal tours in Manado. Some tourists travel with mediocre budget. Mediocre budget doesn’t mean mediocre tour and experience. Also, some tourist travel alone. In Manado, it can be very expensive when you travel alone to certain destinations. Seeing this demand, we created some tours to some major destinations. We try to bring excitement of its own in each share tour. Excitement and pleasure present themselves in every shared tour. We did promise pleasure, but the pleasure expected is often appear in different forms from time to time. And, we understand that joy comes in its own time. It is no exception to our share tour moments.

The advantages of shared tour is that you get a more affordable tour packages. You also have a chance to know new people who could be your friend. The more the people, the merrier the tour. However, some destinations need us to share the photo opportunities in the water. Since only one camera available, it often triggers problems. There are people who want better photos, so they took time to do it again and again. And, it make others feel excluded. We are aware of this problem and we also want our client to aware with this to avoid any discomfort in the future.

There is a package for Bunaken Island Tour. Either for snorkeling or diving, it can be arranged. There is also shared tour to Siladen Island for Snorkeling and Picnic. There is also package for both Islands. And, there is also Dolphin trip package. We will see Dolphins for certain. Interesting, isn’t it?

Shared Tour

Diving with Turtle in Bunaken

The other package is Minahasa Higland Trip. This trip brings you to visit Places of Interest in Minahasa. The towns to be visited are Tomohon, Tondano and Kawangkoan and other smaller towns. Tomohon is famous with the traditional market and house production. Not to forget, Linow Lake. In fact, There are many other places to be visit in Tomohon. Next Tondano, it is well known with the lake that created by explosion of volcano in the past. Next Kawangkoan, that is where Bukit Kasih, place for people in North Sulawesi celebrated their unity.

Beside Minahasa Highland, there is also Mount Mahawu Trekking. This trip head to Volcano Center and Mount Mahawu. Mount Mahawu is in Tomohon. Another shared tour package is tour Lihaga Island. Lihaga is small but beautiful island in North Minahasa. The other shared tour is to Tangkoko Nature Reserve and Tasik Oki Animal Rescue Center. The last shared tour is for observing animals.

These shared tour programs are fun. They are very good options for travelers who don’t plan the visits when the first landed in Manado. Such as backpacker, single and small group travelers. We tailor these programs for everyone to find adventure in travel. To grab new friendship but also to share. Life is beautiful when we can share with others, isn’t it?


  • Tour program usually start in the morning about 0800 (8 AM). If it starts earlier or later, we will announce it.
  • Please come right on time, to not make others wait. The tollerable lateness is 15 minutes.
  • Special to Lihaga Island, the departure time is at 0700 (7 AM)
  • Shared Tour To Bunaken, Siladen, Lihaga and Dolphin Tour are only on Saturday and Sunday (or Double S), every week.
  • Highland Tour and Trekking are special for Wednesday and Thursday, every week.
  • Trip to Nature Reserve and Animal Rescue Center are special to Wednesday.

Meeting Place

  • We meet at Manado Harbor for Shared Tour to Bunaken Island, Siladen Island and Dolphin Watching
  • We meet at Aston Hotel for Lihaga Island, Minahasa Highland, Nature Reserve and Trekking.
  • If you don’t know the place, please ask for direction at the hotel reception.
  • If you want us to pick you up at the hotel, there would be additional charge.
  • If you want us to pick you up at the hotel, please be ready 30 minutes from the departure time.

Includes in Shared Tour

  • Include in Snorkeling and Dolphin Watching Tour the snorkeling gears, Lunch, Guide, Snacks and Soft Drinks, Boat.
  • For Diving includes Diving Package, Lunch, Snorkeling Gears, Guide, Snack and Soft Drinks, Diving Gear, Boat, Weigh Belts and Tanks.
  • For Highland Tour, Nature Reserve and Trekking include Car, Lunch, Guide, Snack and Soft Drinks, Camera Fees


Personal needs, Donations and Tips.

  • We appreciate it if you tip the driver, guide, ranger and boat crew.
  • Please donate to Animal Rescue Center.



  • When Snorkeling, it is prohibited to step on the coral. Coral grows take very long time. But it destroy very fast. And unfortunately, human is the biggest contributor of coral damage.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable in the deep end, please ask for life vest from the crew boat or guide.
  • Please don’t put any plastic and garbage in to the sea.
  • Place the garbage in the boat, we will put it in the bin later.
  • Please don’t swim to far from the group. If you intend to swim far, please ask one or two buddies to accompany you. Don’t be alone.


  • Before diving, you will show your Diving License.
  • Please prepare your diving license.
  • All the diving certification are acceptable here.
  • Such as PADI, SSI, POSSI, TDI/SDI, CMAS, NAUI, etc.
  • You are required to sign the waiver.
  • You are required to be in good condition. Not ill. Not even flu.
  • Please follow all the diving procedure to avoid misfortune when diving.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENT BETWEEN SHARED TOUR AND DAILY TOUR? Shared tour is only in certain days. They are scheduled. Therefore there is no shared tour schedule it becomes daily tour.

Please Find The Shared Tour Schedule Here.

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