Tomohon is town of North Sulawesi. It is 25 km south from Manado. Although the distance from Manado is not far, but the temperature is significantly different. It is because this town is on highlands. Many tourists visit Tomohon nowadays. It is a must visited destination. There are many tourism desination in this little town.

Every August this autonomous city holds an international event. That is Tomohon International Flowers Festival (TIFF) . With Tournament of Flowers (ToF) become the main attracion. Apart of tourism agenda, TIFF supports the floriculture of this town. This international event is an anual agenda. Therefore, tourists can always attend it every 8-12 August each year.

Beside TIFF, This town is a beautiful town. There are two volcanoes there. Mount Lokon is at the west and Mount Mahawu, in the east. One famous tourist destination is Lake Linow. It is at the south of the town. Thus Flanation tailors tour packages here. Please contact us!

North Sulawesi Tour: Grace of Minahasa

North Sulawesi Tour

Land of Minahasa has contrasting charm and uniqueness compared to other places in Indonesia. Located in the northern peninsula of the island, Minahasa is a hilly and mountainous terrain and that is very fertile.


Hunting Rat | Local Experience

Hunting Rats

Hunting Rat Tour with Flowers Lane Vacation for Discover Sulawesi. Hunting Rat is what local people do for living and fun. Enjoy the adventure with us!

Rate US$ 85 Per Person

North To South of Sulawesi

Sulawesi is one island in central Indonesia, formerly known as Celebes. This tour will bring you to the best places in Sulawesi such as Bunaken National Park, a heavenly underwater park that is very famous in the world and then to Tomohon where you will see the glimpse of local people.

RATE starts from US$ 1950 per Pax

Tomohon: Town Between Two Volcanoes

Discover Sulawesi

Situated in the highlands and between two volcanoes, Tomohon has glimpse of nature beauty that always capture people who visit. There are two active volcanoes in Tomohon that will always welcome everyone who visit.

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