Minahasa is both a regency in North Sulawesi but also a tribe. Minahasa is well known to be the highlands in the province. However, as tribe it covers the region in the coastal area as well.

Places of Interest in Minahasa

Tondano Lake

Tondano Lake is a lake in North Sulawesi. It is in the region of Minahasa. Situated in a valley near Tondano. Tondano lake, geologically, is a caldera. It was created by volcanic explosion thousand years ago. It is a big lake in fact. There are villages surrounding the lake. They are such as Tandengan, Kakas, Remboken, Langowan and many more. There are also mountains besides Tondano lake. When we approach the lake, we can see the volcanic material. These materials are big stones. They are all around the lake just beside the road. People don’t seemed to know these are volcanic material.

This lake in fact is like sea. In windy season, the breeze is just like what you feel in the sea. In the lake live endemic animal such as the aquarium fish known as Tondanichthys kottelati or Halfbeak Fish from Tondano. There is also Ophieleotris aporos (Bleeker) or by locals called Ikan Payangka or Snakehead goby, Mud gudgeon. These fishes live in the lake. They are endemic to that lake.

It indeed has special collection of fish. Meanwhile, people utilize the lake for fish farm. There are many fish farms around the lake. The fish farms concentrate on the east region. The fish in the farm are such as carb, tilapia, cat fish and many more. Beside fish farm, the water of the lake is used for hydro power plant.

Bukit Kasih

It situates in Mt. Rindengan, south of Kawangkoan. This hill is called Hill of Love or Bukit Kasih. It has beautiful scenery. The park is unique. About 55 KM from Manado by car. It’s bautiful because of the situation of the park. It is surrounded by volcanic area. You can see steam coming out from crater.

During 1998-2002, SItuation in Indonesia was not stable. Bloody wars were everywhere. Brothers killed brothers. And neighbors did the same to their fellow neighbors. It happened in Maluku and Central Sulawesi. The neighbor country also had conflict with their separatists. North Sulawesi was in the middle of conflict. These racial, religious and group conflicts were severe. People in North Sulawesi though live in harmony. They maintained stable condition and avoid hatred based on any reason. “We are all brothers and sisters” the slogan at that time.

A monument was erected so that people would remember their strong will. The monument is prism like. It has 6 side. On each side there is a relief of holy verse of each religion. Such as Protestanism, Catholic, Hindu, Buddha, Confucius, and Islam. Surrounding, the volcanic ground with steams coming out of the ground. You can feel some part of the ground is hot. The situation is comical in such a way. Because there are many people here. Many activities are performed here. Some people boil young corns in the hot spring. Some people do food massage. Some people boil eggs in the hotspring too. And the other go around the park to enjoy.

Over all visiting Bukit Kasih gives some experience in your vacation.

Toraget Hotspring

Toraget hot spring locates in Langowan, Minahasa. It is a hidden treasure in North Sulawesi. There are three ponds in this area. They called it Rano Lewo. It simply mean bad water. Each pond has different color. Not only that, the temperatures are different as well. The first pond is very hot. It is almost reach the boiling point. It is hidden behind a big fig tree. Grey is its color. The second one is turquoise. Although still pretty hot, some locals take a bath in this pond. However, not by swimming in the pool. They usually use bucket to do so. The last one though is favourite for everybody. It is green in color. The temperature is friendly for people to swim.

Visiting to Toraget Hot Spring is fantastic. The location is surrounded by rice field. Many people who never seen rice field or plant in the past, usually very excited when visiting this place.

Karumenga actually is name of a village in Langowan, North Sulawesi. Briefly, this village is just in the countryside. But being in the middle of a caldera results in the volcanic activity. In the middle of the village, very close to people’s house is a big hot spring. Visitor can witness the power of nature from here. There is a big green pool of hot water with boiling spot right in the middle of the pool surrounded by local’s house. By local people, the water from the pool is utilized for hot bath. There are bath tubs prepared by the locals in this area. Some people boiled eggs in the hot spring too.

Pulutan Village of Potter

Batu Pinabetengan

When talking about history, Minahasa has its own. Batu Pinabetengan is a megalith site in North Sulawesi. It locates in Pinabetengan village, on a hill. People believe that in the past Minahasan Ancestors had gathered in this stone. They gathered to morn for Karema. She was mother of Lumimuut and the priestess. This place also is believe to be the witness of dividing Minahasa Region. That is why it is called Batu Pinabetengan or Watu Pinawetengan. It means the dividing stone.

Institute Seni Budaya Pinawetengan

Pantai Timur Minahasa



Kali Waterfall

Bentenan Beach

Tour to Bentenan Beach

Bentenan Beach is a beach in South East Minahasa. It can be reach by driving about 2,5 hours. It locates in Belang. Why it is so special? The beach is beautiful. This is our favorite place for beach camping. In fact there are a number of activity can be done here. Picnic, boat trip, snorkeling, swimming in the beach are the most favorite activities. Collecting shell, playing kites, sand castle, kayaking, canoeing and others are also possible for everyone to try.

Mount Soputan

Moat Lake

Tour for Minahasa Highlands:

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