Tomohon: Town Between Two Volcanoes

Tomohon is a small town in North Sulawesi. It is surrounded by two active volcanoes. Travel to Tomohon leads by winding uphill road. However, beautiful views over the valley and the bay of Manado are very scenic. Coconut trees are visible from the shoreline lined up hills on Tinoor.

There are several famous attractions in Tomohon. At downtown, there is this traditional market. In a short glance, it is similar to all traditional market in Indonesia, even in South East Asia. But there is one eye-capturing place in this market. It is the butchery section. Tomohon traditional market is well know with this place. On certain day, especially on Saturday visitors – both buyers and tourists – usually encounter Python, rats on the stick, bats, dogs, cats, monkeys and many more along with chicken, pork and all kind of dry fish. If you are tropical spices lovers, you will find all kind of spices here as well.

Then the volcanoes. Tomohon is surrounded by volcanoes. They are active ones. Mt. Mahawu in the east and Mt. Lokon in the west. Both volcanoes are nice to visit. Because it is surrounded by volcanoes, Tomohon in the past was known to be “Malesung Land” or mortar land. It’s simply because the valley in between looks like mortar.

This volcanic activity for centuries has created in Southern Tomohon a changing color lake called Lake Linow. It is a crater lake as big as 48 Ha. What is so special with this lake? When visiting, we can enjoy the tranquility, the scenic landscape and witnessing the nature phenomenon. There are several places where people can seat and relax in this area. There are also some activities offer from this lake.

Tomohon also has several beautiful garden such as Bukit Doa Mahawu at western side of Mt. Mahawu. While it is for Christianity, but many people from other religious group also visit this place. There is also a nice set of temple in Tomohon. Indeed, it is one beautiful park with Mt. Lokon as the scenery background.


Bukit Doa (2).JPG Jalan Salib mahawu.jpg Gereja Sion.jpg Lake Linow.jpg Mt. Lokon.jpg Pagoda (3).JPG HungaTrip_53.JPG Rumah Woloan (11).JPG HungaTrip_27.JPG Mahawu (3).JPG HungaTrip_38.JPG Tinoor View Point.jpgLinow Lake.jpg Tumimperas Waterfall.jpg Air Terjun Tinoor 2.JPG Tom13.JPG Pasar Beriman Tomohon.jpg Market (2).JPG Market (20).JPGBukit Inspirasi.JPG

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