All About ‘Bunaken National Park’

Bunaken national park locates west of Manado. It splits into two regions, the northern and the southern. Meanwhile, this park locates in the coral triangle. It becomes home for 390 species of corals. Apart of coral, there are also many species of fishes, molluscs, sea mammals and reptiles. Bunaken national park represents the marine ecosystem of Indonesia.

The government established Bunaken as national park in 1991. It consists of an area 890.65 hectares big. 97 percent of this national park is sea. While 3 percent is terrestrial area. The terrestrial area splits into 7 islands. 5 island are among the northern group. And the other two belongs to southern region. The northern islands are Bunaken, Manado Tua, Siladen, Mantehage. While the southern islands are Didike and Tatapahan. People only settle in northern islands. While, the southern islands are empty.

Flora and Fauna of Bunaken National Park

Bunaken national park has very rich coral reefs. As mentioned above, there are 390 species of corals. The species of algae here are caulerpa, halimeda and padina. While the species of sea weeds are pacific turtlegrass (thalassia hempricii), enhalus and thalassaodendron ciliatum. Bunaken national park also has various species of fishes, marine mammals, reptiles, birds, molluscs and mangrove. About 90 percent of fish species stays in this region.

The terrestrial area is rich with palm trees. It includes coconut, sago, fan palms and corypha or buri palm. Besides marine animals, people can find timor deer, cuscus, tarsius, black crested macaque, many species of birds and snakes. These animals appear in terrestrial area of the national Park.

Tourism Activities

Bunaken national park is famous for tourist. The government blows up the popularity of this park. Therefore, many visitors compete to visit this park. Government and private companies have been developing tourism infrastructures in this national park. Hence, visitor can easily find accommodation and transportation service around Bunaken National Park. Meanwhile, diving and snorkeling are most famous activity when visiting this park. Besides, some tour operators and resorts offer dolphin watching tour. Apart of vacation, people also come to Bunaken national park for research purpose. It turns out that there still many things need to be discovered in this park.

Minahasa Peninsula Tour

Snorkeling, Bunaken national park

Minahasa peninsula tour accommodates the desire of flanation’s clients to tour around North Sulawesi. This tour package will show our client the pearl of the peninsula. National parks, nature reserve and volcanoes are highlights of the tour. However, there are still many places of interest in the list.

RATE starts from US$ 1950 per Pax

Sea World of North Celebes Nine Days Vacation

Sea World North Sulawesi

We present a tour package for North Sulawesi. We call it Sea World because most of the tour activities relate to the sea and island. This tour package is combination of staying in Bunaken National Park, Exploring The Marine Park and camping on Lihaga Island. These islands are heaven for coral reefs, remote, tranquil, possible for any activity you have in mind.


Manado Aquatique | Adventure Holiday

Manado Aquatique

This Manado Aquatique presents wonderful moments of adventure in your vacation. If you like the sea, with snorkeling adventure, island hopping, seeing the sea mammals such as dolphins, pilot whales, dugong (mermaid), whale shark and others this package is very good for you.


Bunaken Island Tour

Bunaken Reef

Ever fancy yourself being a mermaid? Being able to swim along with other creatures of the sea , moving to the rhythm of the waves? In the Bunaken Marine Park, you will encounter a real “mermaid”, and you can also get a glimpse of sea life here.

Rate Starts From USD 95 per Pax | BOOK HERE

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