Tomohon City Tour | One Day Excursion

Locates right after the capital of the province, Tomohon gets the opportunity to receive many visitors. Tomohon is indeed a beautiful town on the highlands. For many Indonesian tourists, Tomohon is know to have fresh air. It makes their visit more special. Flowers and vegetables grow on fertile soil here. Hence, many scenic places exist. Volcanoes, changing color lake, wild flowers, farmlands are worth a visit, so does Pasar Beriman Tomohon, the famous traditonal market. In the end, Tomohon offers wonderful impression and experience on every visit.

Tomohon City Tour: Town between Volcanoes

Furthermore, Tomohon is situated between two volcanoes. Mt Lokon is in the west and Mt. Mahawu, in the east. Both volcanoes are active. You can even see he fumes. When the sun starts shining, we can often find scenic view of Mt. Lokon. The smoking crater appears like pole of cloud standing up to the sky. At another time, ring of clouds surrounds its lower part. It creates another beautiful scenery too. These volcanoes regularly erupt. The result is the fertility of the soil. Furthermore being in volcanic area, there is a lake in Tomohon famous for the changing color phenomenon. The lake has beautiful scenery and very calm. It is definitely worth your visit.

City of Flowers

Planting flowers has been very popular among locals in Tomohon City from long time ago. Old people say this activity has been developed since the Dutch Colonial era. The locals were introduced to aesthetics value of nature by flowers in the garden. No wonder most of the inhabitants have little flower garden at their house. As a result, many people, especially from North Tomohon, become flower farmers or florists.

Extreme Market

Beside volcanoes, changing color lake, hills with beautiful scenery and flowers, Tomohon City is also famous with the traditional market. It is a place where visitors can experience unusual sight of traditional market. Dog, snake, bats, rats and cats are being sold as meat along with tropical herbs and veggies. As a result, Tomohon Traditional Market is called extreme market. This makes the market in Tomohon city very different from other traditional markets of Indonesia.


ONLY US$ 55 Per Pax

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  • Pagoda Ekayana,
  • Bukit Doa Mahawu,
  • Tomohon Traditional Market,
  • Show Window,
  • Nimawanua,
  • Linow Lake

  • Car,
  • English Speaking Guide,
  • Lunch,
  • Mineral Water and Fruits,
  • Entrance Fees,
  • Tour per Itinerary
    • Personal Medication,
    • Tipping to Guide and Driver,
    • Souvenir,
    • Extra Food and Drinks

    08.00-09.00 Visiting Tomohon Traditional Market in Paslaten
    09.00-10.00 Visiting Bukit Doa Mahawu
    10.00-11.00 Visiting Pagoda Ekayana in Kakaskasen
    11.00-12.00 Visiting Show Window in Kakaskasen
    12.00-13.00 Lunch in local restaurant
    13.00-14.00 Visiting Nimawanua and Wooden House Production, Woloan and BLPT
    14.00-15.00 Visiting Danau Linow, Lahendong
    15.00-16.00 Visiting Tetetana Peak
    16.00 Tour Ends

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    Tomohon City Tour
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