Travel Destination in North Sulawesi

North Sulawesi is a province in the northern peninsula of Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. Among Indonesian people, this province is well-known to be the Land of Waving Coconut. It simply because North Sulawesi has many coconut plantation and, in fact, coconut is one of the commodity cultivated by local people along with vanilla, coffee, nutmegs and cloves.

Tangkoko Nature Reserve, Nantu Forest

Baby Black Crested Macaque in Tangkoko Nature Reserve

Far before Indonesia became a country, North Sulawesi had been visited by many explorers from Europe. Since the region is very close to the famous spice island, Molucca, North Sulawesi became second home base from traders from Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Arabs, Chinese and many other nation.

The nature was very beautiful at that time and remains the same until now. However as the age of exploration had ended many years this land was almost forgotten by many people. As people desire to visit virgin nature, beach and places with a lot of sun ray, North Sulawesi can be a very good destination for their vacation. There are many beautiful places, islands, jungles, volcanoes and so on await tourists from all over the world.

List of Travel Destination in North Sulawesi

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